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Executive Director

Dispute Resolution Center
Job Description
Position reports to Board of Directors
Salary position, Minimum 20 hours per week
Titles and number of employees and volunteers supervised by this position:
           Office Manager (1)
            Office Assistant (1)
            All volunteer mediators
This is an exempt position the Executive Director customarily and regularly exercises discretion and independent judgment and has the authority to make important decisions.
Qualifications required:
  1. Bachelor’s degree and 4 years relevant work experience.
  2. Two years experience managing a business or supervisory experience.
  3. Excellent communication skills.
  4. Ability to prepare accurate, detailed reports and documents.
  5. Ability to multi-task and work cooperatively with others.
  6. Knowledge of current technology.
  7. Have experience in goal setting and problem solving in the work place.
  8. Evidence of self-motivation.

Preferred Qualifications

  1. Previous experience in the operation of a non-profit organization.
  2. Trained as a Basic and Family Mediator.
  3. Knowledge of court systems and local county governments.
  4. Knowledge of other local social service agencies that may have a potential impact on the center.
  5. Knowledge of current governmental guidelines that apply to the Center’s operations.
Statement of Responsibilities:
The Executive Director is responsible for organizing and overseeing the work of the center, meeting with and encouraging lawyers, judges and local civic groups and organizations to use the services of the DRC, preparing grants to secure funding, interacting with local government entities to further support the center, developing and maintaining relationships with other DRCs, and reporting to the Board of Directors of the DRC.
Areas of Responsibilities:
Public Relations:  Develop and maintain an integrated strategic plan for the DRC and present it to the Board of Directors of the DRC for approval and support.  At a minimum, the plan should include marketing, advertising, speaking and relationship building components. A goal should be to ensure the DRC is the first thought of all throughout the seven county regions when a dispute arises that is in need of resolution.
Specific Duties:
  1. Meet with attorneys and judges to promote the mission of the DRC and to seek additional referrals for mediation.
  2. Attend meetings that may advance the mission of the DRC, such as the Chamber of Commerce.
  3. Promote the mission of the DRC to the local communities and surrounding counties.
  4. Expand our operations into the surrounding seven counties.
Develop and maintain an integrated strategic plan for the DRC along with a functional budget, present the plan to the Board of Directors of the DRC for approval and support by January of the fiscal year. The goal should be to ensure that organizations that support us financially do so willingly and without reservation because of the return on their investment that the DRC presents.
Specific Duties:
  1. Develop an interest in other counties and cities in the seven county regions in using the services of the DRC, and, subsequently in funding the DRC.
  2. Prepare, with Board approval, and implement the center’s annual budget.
Operational:   Develop and maintain an integrated strategic plan for the DRC and present it to the Board of Directors of the DRC for approval and support.  A goal is to be to ensure the seamless operation of the DRC, which provides great customer service and has institutional policies and procedures.
Specific Duties:
  1. Coordinate general functions of the DRC.
  2. Oversee and evaluate the work of DRC employees.
  3. Oversee the compilation of reports as required to meet the needs of the operations as those required by government entities.
  4. Oversee, with Board input, the hiring of all new employees.
  5. Oversee coordination of periodic offerings of basic mediation and family mediation trainings.
  6. Oversee building maintenance.
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