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EOS - Randy McDougal, Certified EOS Implementer

EOS - Randy McDougal, Certified EOS Implementer

Business Coaching

About Us

Randy has been helping businesses improve profitability, function effectively as a team, and solve issues for over 20 years.

Randy started his first business in high school when he realized he made “way more in less time” washing windows than the job at Chick-Fil-A, especially once he figured out how to quote jobs and pick the right customers.

A decade later, while bootstrapping a graphic design and printing company to 4 locations, Randy faced the business realities of people issues (including a real-life fire) and making payroll when all the bank accounts were empty. At that time he discovered the value of having a coach to learn how to run a great business. Ultimately, this led to being acquired by a national company.

Randy then was a co-founder of a group that started companies in 7 industries, from data centers to R&D contracting to aviation fueling, including the company selected to redevelop the Astrodome for $500 million (there’s a lot more to that story…).

Randy now helps business owners and leaders implement EOS to get what they want from their business.

Randy is bilingual (English and Spanish).

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